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Spotted Stars & Power Prides

Awaken your inner “Ranger” as you learn and impress by your knowledge of THIS Leopard or THAT Lion Pride.


"In our years observing the Big Cats we feel privileged to have become immersed in the “Soap Opera” of the wild. The best way to learn animal behaviour is to know the specific animal’s story, history, unique character and to spend time watching this unfold before your own eyes."

Spotted Stars 

Power Prides



Revered for their mythical stealth and elusive nature, the  Leopard’s intelligence is unrivalled by their peers and they are Africa’s supreme Big Cats. A patient stalker, master hunter and efficient killer with eyes that can pierce the foliage, they possess a certain finesse and agility that sets them apart.


We have designed this private guided safari to observe and photograph the most well known and famous Leopard Stars of Southern Africa. Out on drive we track and look for specific individual female and male leopards, each with their own unique character and captivating story. Each guest will be taken on a fascinating journey into the behaviour of these elegant yet powerful cats, through learning each of their stories and watching it all unfold before their own eyes.


An informative, colourful “Spotted Stars" Guide will be indispensable to each guest. Showcasing each leopard we are looking for at each destination, the comprehensive yet easy to use guide will awaken the “Ranger” in us all.


The social Big Cats, the Kings and Queens of the African savannahs all have their own story of pride. They have developed unique adaptations to their specific area, some individuals exhibiting personality that stands out above the crowd.

An informative, colourful “Power Prides" Guide  showcasing each Lion Pride, Male Lion Coalition and key individuals we are looking for, will be handed to each guest before the safari.  The comprehensive yet easy to use guide will awaken the “Ranger” in us all.




These tailor made private guided safaris will focus on 3 unique wildlife reserves world famous for their Big Cats.

  • The world renowned Sabi Sand & Timbavati reserves in South Africa and the largest inland delta in the world, The Okavango.

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