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April 11, 2021 - Mike Hornby from the USA

"Just spent 2 full days with Dave. Our two kids and parents joined us. The knowledge, professionalism and respect for every living thing in Kruger was truly remarkable. I have been on many guided safaris but Dave takes it to another level. Thank you for making a memory of a lifetime Highlights included, (in order of appearance)

Day 1

2 big male lions, a cheetah mom and her cub, wild dogs chasing impala, the elusive Honey badger, 3 teenager boy lions, giant eagle owl, jackal, ground hornbill, snake eagle, bataleur eagle, a herd of over 500 Buffalo and all that by lunch lol

Day 2

Wild dogs up close and personal, two baby jackals at the den, three different lion prides, a momma leopard with her cub

And that was just the tip of the iceberg

Leo Vantage is the best in the business"

September 21, 2017 - Brent Schnupp from the USA


"Dave and Ankia are 2 of the most passionate people about their jobs and wildlife that I have ever met. I did a 10 day Safari with them in August of 2017 and it was by far the best life changing trip and experience I have ever had. The passion, knowledge and customer service is second to none. I cannot wait to return again year after year and continue to use them as my guide in the Kruger and hopefully other areas of Africa, A++ all the way Leo Vantage Rocks"

April 1, 2014 - Sally Rice from the United States.


"Two better, more passionate guides than Dave and Ankia cannot be found on the entire African continent! My daughter and I were privileged to have gone on safari with them in August, 2013. This was my third safari and by far the most fun. In addition to knowing so much about African flora and fauna, Dave is an award winning photographer who know how to site the animals so guests can get the best photos possible. I'm thrilled to hear that they have their own private safari company now and can't wait to return to Africa and see the amazing wildlife there with them again. Best of luck in your new endeavor, Dave and Ankia!"

December 28, 2011 at Leopard Hills by Chrissy Bunting Recchiutti from the United States.


“Best part of our honeymoon!”  


"Our ranger Dave and tracker Abraham were really so amazing- so knowledgeable and passionate about the animals. Dave was really great at explaining animal behavior and why the animals did certain things. I think what set Dave apart from the other rangers was that he would wait a while for the animal to do the behavior that he had been explaining while the other rangers would stop to have their guests take photos and then just leave. We spent a lot of time with the animals and saw them do the things that they are known to do. We saw pretty much every single animal we could have ever asked to see- Dave kept saying it was the 'honeymooners luck', but I just think he is really great at his job! We even got to see the very endangered African Wild Dogs! Dave wouldn't give up until he found more and more amazing things that we hadn't seen. He was also good at pointing out the smaller things- bugs, birds, etc. that were sometimes just as interesting as the bigger animals. And Abraham was so good at spotting tracks and animals from really far distances- I really have no idea how he even spotted some of the things he did! He also prepared the best bush mix in the morning and Sundowners each evening :)"

January 11, 2013 at Leopard Hills by Tricia from the United Kingdom.


“The most memorable holiday experience ever and the day we left our hearts in Africa”


"However the most mind blowing experience was sharing the game drive with our companions led by Dave our guide and our tracker Abraham. We saw everything you can imagine thanks to the knowlege and passion of Dave, but it was more than just seeing the beautiful animals, some with their babies it was the circumstances in which we saw them that is truely memorable."

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