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Why use a Private Guide?

  • A Private Guide is your host, safari expert, conservationist, ranger/guide and most importantly a trusted friend in the bush.

  • We tie your entire experience together, gaining only the very best out of each destination through expert local knowledge and experience.

  • Offering our wildlife expertise, insight into the specific area, culture and history we personalize your entire safari and take away any stress that may be involved in what to expect at each lodge/reserve/destination.  

  • We operate our own Private Safari Vehicle in the Kruger National Park and working only with extremely reputable operators and lodges in the Private Game Reserves, we can organise your own personalised Private Guided itinerary.

Except for a curious onlooker

What are the advantages of a Private Guide for you or your group?


  • If you are visiting from overseas and are nervous about exploring new destinations, a Private Guide gives you complete reassurance.

  • A Private Guide, or host guide as we’re sometimes known, is a guide that will accompany you, whether you’re a couple, family or group for the duration of your safari experience. We facilitate your journey and add a continuous professional dimension to your trip.

  • Private Guides have many specialist skills including photography, birding, astronomy, tracking and guided walking safaris.

  • You will always have a trusted person close by you can go to with any problems or special needs.

  • You won’t have to wait until the game drive to ask your questions and these need not be restricted to nature. Private Guides have in-depth knowledge of African destinations, culture and history, we ensure you’ll gain an in-depth, holistic understanding of the African wilderness.

  • Should a specialised animal be a focus, a Private Guide can use their expertise to find a sighting and spend as long as needed with the animal so as to maximise any interesting behaviour, such as hunting etc

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