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Nearly 2 million hectares of unrivalled diversity of life - this is real Africa.


Truly the flagship of the South African National Parks, Kruger is home to an impressive array of species: 336 trees , 49 fish, 34 amphibians , 114 reptiles, 507 birds and 147 mammals. The Kruger is one of the largest National Parks in Africa covering an area of 19,633 km2 in northeastern South Africa and extends 360 kilometres from north to south and 65 kilometres from east to west.


Join us for a thoughtfully designed and guided Private Safari in our beloved Kruger National Park, we cater for Private Groups of 2-6 Guests for 4-10 nights.


  • Customise your safari based on your specific interests

  • Enjoy unlimited game drives in our Private Open Safari Game Viewer & spend as much time out on Safari as you wish (email us

Below are examples of comfortable Kruger chalets situated in the best game viewing regions.

Should more luxury be required, our choice is Mjejane Game Reserve adjoining Kruger on the Crocodile River and boasting the only private access bridge into the Kruger Park. For more info contact us at

MJejane Private Lodges

Perched on the scenic banks of one of the Kruger National Park's greatest rivers - the Crocodile River - and surrounded by tens of thousands of hectares of raw African wilderness. It is here that places of water are places of life. It is here that all forms of wildlife are drawn to the riverine habitat to feed and to quench their thirst. It is here that the paths of predators and prey cross. It is here that life and death are close companions. It is here that you are assured of a breathtaking wildlife experience..

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