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“Walking on Water”

The seasonal rivers are still swollen after the late summer rains in the Kruger area, this presents some challenges for the resident predators who are surely counting down the days until winter.

Late one afternoon while on Safari in the Kruger, we witnessed a pack of African wild dogs as they all crossed a swollen river in typical painted dog manner, all working together to look for danger and find the safest crossing.

Once they had crossed this female Painted Dog (Presumably the Alpha female) suddenly appeared after being rudely left behind by the rest of her pack!

She was really distressed trying to find a way to get to them on the other side but not knowing where to cross. She eventually plucked up the courage and appeared to be walking on water as she crossed like lightning to be reunited with her pack.

It is amazing to see how calm the pack was crossing together and how distressed she was on her own, again reminding us of how important teamwork is for these magnificent African predators.

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