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Friends of the Kalahari

The Kgalagadi has the unique ability to touch every visitor's soul, there is a glue that brings people from different cultures together, each person in common awe of the remoteness of this breathtaking landscape and hardy desert adapted wildlife that abounds.


We couldn't have kicked off 2015 in a better place and what made it even more special was that our safari was shared with our good friends and guests Andy & Audrey from the US. We also met some great new friends in the camps...Just as animals are drawn to the waterholes in the heat of summer and tolerate each do the park visitors gather in large numbers at the camp swimming pool in the heat of the day...where lasting friendships are made.

Here are some sightings highlights of our New Year's 2015 Kgalagadi Safari.

We will start with our most unique sighting...a Sprinbok ewe giving birth.

IMG_4294 900.jpg

Now onto the famous Kgalagadi predators...and some of the most handsome Kalahari male lions we have ever seen.

IMG_5030 900.jpg

1 of the impressive 3 male coalition at Bedinkt

_DDA0131 900.jpg

Another one of the impressive Bedinkt males.

IMG_4272 bw 1000.jpg

The older Kij Kij male, a true black maned beast of the kalahari.

IMG_4683 900.jpg

Working on the next generation of Kalahari cubs

_DDA9942 900.jpg

The Kij Kij male making the Camel Thorn trees and dunes look small, look at the size of his paw.


Hungry eyes through the turtle doves at Nossob.

_DDA0242 900.jpg

Grandma babysitting the cubs


Seemingly forgotten little 3-4 month old cubs waiting for mom to return at Kaspersedraai.

Hanri and cub 900.jpg
Hanri 1 900.jpg

Hanri the beautiful young female cheetah and her first litter of 2 cubs close to Twee Rvieren

_DDA0108 900.jpg

Spotted Hyena approaching the waterhole at Nossob

_DDA0095 900.jpg

A rare sighting of an African Wild Cat at Nossob

_DDA0211 900.jpg

A Brown Hyena also at Nossob

leopard houmoed 10 jan.JPG

Warona the female leopard also gave us a brief glimpse at Houmoed, a leopard sighting is like gold in the Kalahari

IMG_4200 900.jpg

A Cape Fox on the move back to the den

IMG_4195 900.jpg

The ever common Black Backed Jackal having a drink

Now for some of the special Raptor and other bird sightings.

_DDA0157 900.jpg

Spotted Eagle Owl and chick

IMG_5048 900.jpg

Secretary Bird chasing off a Booted eagle

IMG_4739 900.jpg

Pale Chanting Goshawk with his mouse kill

IMG_4603 900.jpg

A very rare sighting of a Great Spotted Cuckoo chick being fed by it's host, a Black Crow

IMG_4951 900.jpg

Brown Snake Eagle take off, such focus in his bright yellow eye

_DDA0050 900.jpg

Swallow Tailed Bee Eater exiting the nest.

IMG_4177 900.jpg

Juvenile Pale Chanting Goshawk landing

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